Electricians are usually the first port of call for anyone requiring PAT testing work but how do you build up a portfolio of customers to keep you going ?

Use Your Existing Customer Base

Unless you have just started trading (and even if you have I am sure you will have lined up work before doing so) you will have a list of existing customers who you have previously carried out work for, get in touch with them and if they do not require PAT tests themselves they may know people who do. It’s amazing how so many electricians under use one of their greatest marketing assets, their existing customers.


People use search engines like google all the time to find someone to carry out their PAT testing needs, it can be worth running a small campaign using adwords, you can usually find a free voucher for adwords simply by searching online, indeed google often offers you one when you create an account (that’s nice of them). Now you do need to know how to set up your campaign properly or your ad will appear in areas where you don’t serve. Typically you want to select only the city you work in for the ad to show and be very precise with your trigger keywords for example, if you live in Aberdeen you would use keywords like PAT testing in Aberdeen, PAT test Aberdeen, phrases along those lines. Adwords can be useful for building a base relatively quickly because most searchers are actively seeking out PAT tests which is their main reason for “googling” it.

Find Local Letting Agents, Landlords and Estate Agents

Search for a list of all the local letting agents in your area and contact them, by email or post. Many will have electricians to carry out work already but as you know if they slip up it gives you an opportunity to step in. Estate agents can be a good source of business as well and you can use the same approach with them but the rental market is where most testing is done.

Contact Large Employers

Get in touch with all the large employers in your area, regulations require that employers have an obligation to ensure all electrical appliances are not dangerous and most carry out testing on a semi regular basis. Hotels and guest houses for example would be good targets as would large offices where there are alot of computers and monitors.

You would need to get very aggressive with your marketing to build a big database of customers and you will likely need to offer keen pricing for landlords and letting agents make the shift to using your services instead of the business they currently use.

I would see PAT testing as a secondary income not a primary one, in most cases a PAT test is not a legal requirement but is often put across as being one. If you get the opportunity to mention you also carry out PAT testing take it, it will take a while you build your customer base up but follow these simple steps and you’ll get there.

How To Become an Electrician

Anyone who runs an electrical business will have likely received an email or a letter from a budding electrician looking for a job. This type of pro active action to seek an apprenticeship should be applauded and if you’re looking for an apprentice, someone with the get up and go to get in touch is a very good candidate.

If you are the one looking to become an electrician here are a few steps you can take to get in front of the right person who can make the decision to take you on.

Google is definitely your friend, the right search query will produce a list of local electricians, for this example let’s assume you live in London, you should enter Electricians in London into the search box. This will produce a list of local electricians and electrical companies in your area. You can use the list of businesses which google provides which will show 3 results but there is the option to see more, typically you’ll get most of the well established businesses with this list.

Get Your List of Potential Employers

Write down the business name, address and website of all the businesses you can find. Next visit every website and look for the email address and write this down as well. You can also use the contact form on the website to get in touch while you are there, why not, you’re on the website anyway.

Making Contact

It helps if you can find a contact name, you can use the search engines to see if you can find a contact name or it may be on the website. It’s recommended to not only send an email but follow it up with a letter.

What Do You Say

Approaching a business in a pro-active way will give you some credibility straight away, firstly introduce yourself and tell them a little bit about yourself, age, hobbies and interests, then ask if the business is looking for any electrical apprentices. Let them know your tel number and say you will look forward to their call. It’s worth mentioning if they have no vacancies at the moment to keep your information on file should a vacancy arise.

Local Business Communities

Most areas have their own business communities and it can be worth joining and creating a thread to see if any business has an opening for an apprentice. Your local employment centre and even business enterprise trust may be able to help.

Local Training College

It is well worth contacting your local electrical training college, they know the main companies taking on apprentices and will be only to happy to put your name forward for any enquries.


If you keep trying your chances of success becomes higher and your action won’t go un-noticed, good luck !

Brexit – How Will Affect The Construction Industry ?

With the monumental vote having gone to the leave camp, how will the UK’s decision to leave the UK affect the construction industry in the short and long term ?

The short term doesn’t look great, with shares in the major home builders taking a plunge after the result of the vote, this was to be expected because there is alot of uncertainty at the moment and the government really should be doing more to support the construction industry at this time.

Is It Really That Bad ?

The biggest factor is uncertainty, there is talk of the government delaying article 50 until next year and this move will only add to the uncertainty, which isn’t good for anyone. There is shock and confusion at the moment and even the government was not prepared for this result but they must act fast. There is talk of lowering the corporate tax rate to 15%, talk is cheap and such a move needs to be implemented now to kick start the industry. All tradespeople will be concerned at the apparent slow down, despite the fact we are still in the same position as we were before the vote, nothing has or will change until the government triggers article 50. People need new homes, there is a national shortage, however it’s not that simple, the value of properties will likely dip slightly until everything settles down so this has to be taken into account when building houses.There will likely be slow down, how long this lasts will depend how quickly the government can settle the markets and start investing inwardly.

Will Apprenticeships Be Affected ?

Every trade requires “new blood” otherwise known as apprentices, we are seeing some highly skilled apprentices coming through and we need to keep young people keen to become apprentices, not so long ago many young people actively sought to get a trade “under their belt” and rightly so. The UK has a high standard of training which is envied throughout the EU and beyond, we need to maintain these high standards. The reality is different parts of the country will be affected differently based on local markets, it’s important to focus on creating construction jobs across the UK and help those young people who wish to become part of the industry have ample opportunities to do so.

Right Now We Are Facing a Knee Jerk Reaction

It’s important to realize nothing has changed, not yet anyway, and the faster this message gets to the markets and the economy in general, the faster we move forward. We need leaders who will lead and take control to minimize the disruption we are experiencing right now.

Medium To Short Term Outlook

From electricians, painters, plumbers, to tilers and plasterers, alot of people rely on the construction industry to make a living so a slow down can quickly affect entire communities. I expect the government to create incentives to encourage construction projects be industrial or residential. Growth will be minimal until the UK has completed it’s departure from the EU, which may takes years. The drop in corporation tax will help but it needs to be introduced quickly, the industry needs a boost now, not in a years time.

The construction industry typically has peaks and troughs, this one is different because it may affect EU citizens currently in employment, another reason why the government must act quickly to move forward and give the home builders confidence to carry on. Our industry needs the government to stand behind us and support us during these uncertain times, stability is needed.

Festool Oscillator VECTURO OS 400 Multi Tool

As an electrician you’re going to be cutting plasterboard, skirtings and floorboards and it’s important to do a neat job to ensure a snug fit and tidy workmanship, enter the Festool Vecturo OS 400. Festool are reknowned for their high quality tools and rightly so and this indispensable tool is no exception.


The uses this tool has for an electrician is literally endless and the tool has a fitting to take a vacuum for near dustless work. We believe quality equipment is an investment and not an expense, at ¬£410 this isn’t the cheapest multi tool around but it is one of the very best. Watch the video and you’ll see how and why you need a multi tool like this. We’ll review a range of multi tools like this but we thought we’d kick off with one of the best out there.

The tool has some useful accessories and you will no doubt want to add some of these to your tool kit as well.

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